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Fantastic Felines Fabric Panel

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Say It With Words - Hand printed fat quarter comes in WHITE with black PRINT on 100% Kona Cotton or NATURAL with black  on 100% Kona Cotton. Panel has 12 different verses.  This cat panel is the sure one to make you purr.  For your favorite child, or dog, your friend or loved one.  This furry friend panel is sure to please. Fond thoughts of cats and their humans. My human is "best of breed" and pedigreed. Perfection is impossible except in my cat. Once in a while you just have to stretch and turn over. Play, stretch, snuggle, purr, bounce, meow, hiss, chase, lick.  If you're happy and you know it take a nap. Caution crouching tiger. Cat paws that refresh. Housework is the reason I go to the office. My cat is the reason I come home. Here, people people people. Stay this comes naturally to a cat. Purring massages the heart. Divine feline in residence.

Each panel includes (6) 6.5" squares and (6) 3.5" squares.
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