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Fuzzy Thinking Panel

Hand Printed Panels
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Say It With Words - The hand printed fat quarter comes in natural with black ink.  Fuzzy Thinking - Did I lock the car?  Who turned up the heat?  The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.  Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.  Quilters Search Engine, If I can't remember where I put it... Do I still have to count it as part of my stash?  I'm not old, I'm getting ripe.  Wrinkles merely indicate where smiles have been.  Never take your scissors for a walk without a leash.  Did I lock the house?  There's a thong in my heart, but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it.  I have lots of RAM Random Access Memory, Sometimes I remember and sometimes I don't.  quilting is my bag, now where did I put it?  Did I turn off the lights?  a pressing question, did I trun off the iron?  The great thing about middle age is that we outgrow it.  Where are my scissors?  I can't find my scissors.  It's a sign of age to feel like the morning after when you didn't go anywhere the night before.

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