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Collapsible French Wire Laundry Basket w/ Wheels- FREE SHIPPING IN USA MUST CALL 214-542-5159

Dimensions: 22 1/4" round x 29 1/4" tall Laundry Basket
Your Price: $159.99
Item Number: 01-106006

Collapsible French Wire basket with rustic finish. Mounted on wheels for convenience. Folds flat for easy storage. Basket collapses down to approx. 4" tall.  Overall dimensions: 29" H x 22" W  Basket depth is 14-3/4" D   -  (Dimensions: 22" round x 29" tall Laundry Basket)

Assembly Instructions:  #01-10600 Round Collapsible Wire Laundry Basket      1/  Place the folded laundry basket with the wheels on top       2/ Raise each of the legs and pull up on the square wire leg support.  Turn the laundry basket over and press down to lock the support in place. (Looks like a table)    3/  Pull up on the collapsible wire section of the basket.       4/  There is a center round wire ring that has 4 small clips attached.  Pull this ring upward and clip to the sides of the wire basket.  This will lock the basket in position.  

ALSO:  NATURAL REVERSIBLE  Liner for $44.99.  CUSTOM MADE BY HOME A LA MODE ONLY.  Complete with Nickel grommets and tied with a Moda Home ribbon.  PRICED AND ORDERED SEPARATE... CHECK WEBSITE FOR OUR LINERS. 

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