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Cutterpillar Self-Healing extra large Mat for Light Box

Self-Healing Mat
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The first of several add-ons for the CutterPillar Glows and Premiums.  This self-healing mat fits the premium cutterpillar glow.

The CutterPillar Glow Self-healing Mat is a translucent crafting and cutting mat.  

Designed as a replacement mat for the CutterPillar Glow light tablet (but also a great mat to use on its own), it includes the industry’s first non-slip textured base.  The very durable PVC cutting surface, along with one of the most functional printed grids you’ve ever seen, will persist through thousands of cuts. The 1/8" thick mat includes ruler measurement marks with fractions printed next to them, standard craft angles, vertical and horizontal rulers, and a metric ruler.   ‚Äč

For use with paints, inks, glues, and other liquid or staining mediums,  we recommend the Glass-Mat, the perfect addition to the Glow.
Check out all the items to go with the self healing mat, light box, tote bag and tempered glass.

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