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Say it with words. DAUGHTER is a Home a la mode word panel that is all about the serious side of our feelings and the fun learned rules for our Daughters...  like:  There is nothing as powerful as a mother's love, and nothing as healing as a child's soul.  -  Happiness is...  when you get a phone call and your daughter is at the other end.  -  One of the most important relationships is... having a relationship with you.  -  Your smile, makes me warm, your laugh, makes me happy, your love in your heart, tells me you are mine. -  A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, & love with all your heart.  -  Happiness is...  my daughter's smile and an unexpected touch or hug.  -  A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend.  -  The love between a mother and daughter is FOREVER!  -  Happiness is...when my daughter gives me a hug, just because...-  Happiness is...  an invitation from my daughter.  -  You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy, when skies are gray.  You'll never know dear, how much I love you.  -  Mothers and daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers...  -  You   are   beautiful,  for you are wonderfully made and you are mine.

This panel is Copyright processed and No copies can be made. Company logo is not on printed panels. 

  Thank you!  Printing done in Texas on Moda Bella 100% cotton.   Create your quilt OR project to inspire someone special…”It’s a card in a quilt”. 

Basic Instructions:                                                                                 

1/ Press.                                                                                                  

2/ Cut strip off, cutting vertically down right side.                               

3/ Cut on dotted lines to make 12 (5”) blocks.                                        

4/ Cut 5” fabric or use charm packs to complete your project.             

5/ Optional:  Use Pellon’s Quilters Grid to make assembly of your quilt or project faster, easier and more accurate. 

(Go to  Click on “How to do Grid” YouTube instructions.) Create your own look or checkout our website for samples.

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